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Webserver packages for experts
We offer you complete web server packages for your projects. You may rent, of course, web servers from us without placing an order for the implementation of a project.

We provide a range of server packages, beginning with a cheap start-up package and finally up to a complete package for resellers. All servers will be hosted in our own server park and thus will be in the most careful hands.

Every web package includes one .com domain of your own choice. Every web package, however, can be amended by as many additional domains as desired. The domains will be mounted either to the main directory of your web package, or to an optional subdirectory. This will enable you to run several web sites with only one web package.

You may get e-mail addresses under every domain which is amended to your web package. Upon request, a so-called catch-all address will be installed for you, which receives all e-mails which are delivered to a domain but are not assigned to an account.

Every one of our packages includes the use of individual CGI scripts and server side includes (SSI). If you should want the use of Microsoft Frontpage, we will carry out a default installation of the FP server extensions to your web package.

In our individual packages, memory capacity and transfer volume are adapted to each other. If you should need more memory capacity or transfer volume, you can get it without any problem. The additional resources are registered automatically and are included in the next monthly invoice. You may call a daily updated overview of the applied memory capacity and transfer volume any time.

If you should have individual wishes regarding your server package, we will gladly comply with them. The section "add-ons" includes an overview of standard add-ons.