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In the following, we will give you an overview of projects we have implemented in the past few years.
2008Fashion Präsentation
We created a website for the fashion designer Wibke Eberlein on which current "Dirndl" and "Tascherl" are presented.
2008SMS Chat
For usage in Clubs and on Single-Partys we developed a SMS Chat which Enables the users to chat with each others without exposing their mobile number. The organizer has various administration and statistic functions which can be accessed via short-message or web-frontend.
2007Restaurant Homepage
For the restaurant "Bahnhofsgaststätte Neuenbürg" we created a website with the look-and-feel of the local. Functions like the online-reservation with automatic business-hour check and an integrated newsletter-tool makes it easy to handle requests.
2007Car Trader Auction
For the German-ja GmbH we created an auction portal for car traders. It includes all main functions of the know auction-portals. A separate administration area enables the portal operator to manage customer accounts, auctions, ratings and the automated invoicing.
2006Portal for Lawyers
With the portal, we created a website with lawyer-database which people can use to simply search and contact a lawyer of their choice, while lawyers can update their entries with just a few mouse-clicks.
2006Rental-Car Booking-System
For we created a portal for the worldwide booking of rental cars, which combines the offers of multiple companies behind one frontend. Beside complex administrational functions a set of individual modules were created for each agency to communication with the different booking systems.
For the already existing website of Logiserv GmbH we created a set of online-modules which contains for example an object catalogue with online administration, a newsletter module and a online taskmanager. This modules gives the staff the opportunity of fast data synchronization at different access levels and the publication of an always up-to-date object catalogue on their website.
For a multinational pharmaceutical company we have created an online application for receiving, signing and sending faxes. The application contains a pattern recognition which checks incoming faxes for defined criteria and handles them differently, in dependence of the results. The application was designed for mobile use on PDAs as well as for usage on personal computers.
2004Company presentation / Product catalogue
For the Phoenix Schmuck GmbH we designed a homepage with management modules, which allows the administration of the product catalogue and the dealer database. Product pictures are scaled automatically after upload, to make updates of the catalogue faster and more confortable. Visitors of the site can browse various information as well as the product catalogue and the dealer database.
2004Professional club site
For the football club VFB-Friedrichshofen a site with many administerable features was implemented. Beside the mandatory team- and player-portraits, modules for the publication of the current line-up and game results were provided, as well as a news and picture archive. A greeting-card service and an integrated online-game gives the site an exciting touch.
2004Flash shop search
For the Flash homepage of the jewellery designer Werner Häring, we implemented a shop search module with associated administration. The new components were integrated smoothly into the already existing presentation, to make visitors use the search functions easier .
2003Company presentation / Customer management
For the company Haist GmbH, we realized the relaunch of the bilingual company homepage in a newly structured design, in order to present comprehensive information in a clear structure. In future, the application of modular technology will enable us to amend additional services to the already existing customer management, and to link the page with external projects of the company.
2003Company presentation / Image database
For the company CNN Reichenbach GmbH, we developed a presentation in the form of a homepage which was adapted to the existing CI. In order to present the numerous projects of our customer we creted a database providing images and descriptions of that projects. This allows the easy editing of existing data and the addition of new projects with little effort.
2002SMS Management Center
For blue@ge productions, we developed a platform with the name INF-O-SEND for the delivery of short messages (SMS) via the internet. The system includes comprehensive management functions which allows the determination of the time of delivery, the setup of receiver groups and the automatic transmission of messages to be send frequently. Firms can use this platform to remind their customers or employees of appointments, and for the delivery of information or special offers.
2002JAVA Games
For the firm Mobilegames24 GmbH, we created several Java games for mobile phones, including car race, a soccer game, and a backgammon game with a computer being the opponent. The structure of these games allows for their application on both monochrome and multicolor models of JAVA compatible mobile phones of the important manufacturers such as Nokia, Siemens and Motorola.
2001Online Object Management
By order from the firm Expotronic, we developed a platform for the collection and management of objects, including data, pictures and original documents which were to be integrated into the existing homepage. The platform is applied for both the internal consolidation of data from the individual subsidiaries of the customer and for the providing of direct access to product data for visitors to the homepage of our customer.
2001Stock Market Game
For the fair Money 2001 in Zurich, the Société Générale placed an order for the planning and development of a stock market game. Visitors to the fair stand could buy options in the course of this game and sell them with as much profit as possible. The current chart of the synthetic future together with the ranking of the players was projected onto a presentation area by means of a separate presentation module via a beamer. During the game, the players were able to have the standings of their options displayed on terminals, and to give order for their execution or sale, if necessary.
2001Information Portal
For the firm GmbH, we developed a series of trade databases, including versions for physicians, garages and hotels, which could be managed via the internet. Visitors to this site have at their disposal comfortable search facilities to find and display the desired trade data. The databases were integrated into a comprehensive portal which also provides numerous additional services such as free SMS, virtual greeting cards and route planners.
2000E-mail/SMS Share Price Information Service
For several European subsidiaries of the Société Générale, we developed a service which enables the customers to obtain share price information via e-mail or SMS of shares previously defined via a configuration menu in individually specifiable intervals.
Additionally, a share price information update system was developed, which also can be managed by the customer himself. It immediately provides customers with information via e-mail or SMS if a previously specified upper or lower price limited was exceeded.
Furthermore, a share price inquiry application via WAP and SMS was developed as an independent system.
2000WAP Service Center
In the course of an invitation to tender from Mannesmann D2, our in-house development created the WAPpad, a WAP service center, which enables the user to manage his time table, address data and notes comfortably via internet browser and which allows for permanent access to these data via WAP compatible mobile phone. Additionally, an e-mail client was integrated which allows for the receiving and sending of e-mails via mobile phone.
1999Online Payment System
By order from the firm blueage productions, we developed the online payment system CYXESS. This system allows for the invoicing of online services in the telephone invoice.
The basic principle is that the customer calls a payment code via telephone, which he may use later on for the payment of a product or a service in the internet. The provider can establish the value of a payment code individually.
1998Game Chat
As a fun project, we developed an online version of the game "sea battle" with integrated chat. Visitors can log in to this game without previous registration, in order to chat with other participants, or to play this game with a partner of their choice.
The structure of this game allows for the simultaneous integration of several homepages, with all players having access to the same chat server. Even smaller internet presentations will be enables to provide an attractive chat. A special feature, the system allows for individual configuration of the game surface. The game has been developed e.g. for in a Playmobil pirate version.