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One Service, Three Functions!

Our Email-to-Fax Service includes three main functions:

E-mail reception on your Fax machine
You thus may directly receive orders on your fax which have been placed via a form from your homepage.

A special function enables you to filter e-mails and to have only specific e-mails transmitted to your fax machine. Messages which shall not be transmitted by fax, can be transmitted to an e-mail address of your choice. Five filters will be available to you for this purpose.

Fax delivery via e-mail to any receiver
This allows for the easy fax delivery of texts and documents to any receiver. The fax number of the receiver will be entered directly in the e-mail.

The following e-mail attachments can be sent separately or in combination with text or HTML e-mails:

  • Textfiles (ASCII)
  • HTML Files
  • Microsoft Word Documents
  • Microsoft Excel Documents
  • GIF/JPG Graphics
  • RTF Files
  • PDF Files

  • Mass fax delivery
    For fax-deliver to multiple numbers, you can store lists of receivers in our system. Ths way, sending a fax to several receivers is as easy as sending a single fax.

    The delivery of single fax messages is carried out within 5 minutes after the reception of an e-mail.
    With mass fax messages, up to 120 deliveries will be processed simultaneously.
    If the desired line is busy, up to five attempts will be made to deliver the fax message.
    The delivery records which are saved in the administration area, will provide information about the delivery status. These records can also be delivered to you via e-mail for integration in your own systems.

    All fax messages will be stored in our system for three months, and you will be able to call them as e-mails during this period.

    Set-up:5,00 EUR
    Monthly Fee:2,50 EUR
    Costs per minute of transmission (price zone1*):
    Minute 1-500,24 EUR
    Minute 51-1000,22 EUR
    Minute 101-2000,20 EUR
    Minute 201-5000,18 EUR
    Minute 501-10000,16 EUR
    from Minute 10010,12 EUR

    All prices are gross prices and include 19% VAT. The graded prices depend on the cumulated transmission periods of the fax messages in one month.

    The transmission rate is 14400 bps, if supported by the receiving fax machine, otherwise 9600 bps. The transmission period of a full text page therefore will be approx. 50 - 80 seconds.
    The transmission period for the transfer of data mainly depends on the data density. To put it in a simple way: The more dark spots a page includes (backgrounds, graphics, small typesize), the longer the transmission period.
    For verification of the transmission period, the exact duration in seconds of every transmission is included in the transmission report, which are available in the administration area.

    Accounting is carried out on a prepaid basis.
    Payments can be done via credit-card, PayPal or bank transfer.
    For instant usage, we grant you a credit of 10 fax transmissions.

    If you have any questions concerning our Email-to-Fax Service, please dont't hesitate to contact us under

    [price zone1]
    Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom, United States, Canada, Alaska

    Further price zones upon request.